Annie Watt

Port Victoria, 1930s

Annie Watt and the grain fleet – the bagged grain was taken by ketches to the sailing ships anchored offshore.

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Au Revoir

The French bounty ship Bretagne in Storm Bay, as she heads off to the American NW coast for a grain cargo.

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Cutty Sark

On the Wool Run

Cutty Sark after delivering general cargo to Sydney, returning to London with wool, hides and tallow.

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Falls of Clyde (1)

Off the Dagger Ramereez

Falls of Clyde off the Diego Ramirez islands, about 60 nm SW of Cape Horn.

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Falls of Clyde (2)

A glorious fair wind

Falls of Clyde powers through the Trade Winds towards the Cape of Good Hope.

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Herzogin Cecilie and Beatrice

Racing For Port Lincoln

Herzogin Cecilie and Beatrice race between Melbourne and Port Lincoln.

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Running the Easting Down

The 4-masted barque Hougomont powering towards Australia and onwards to Cape Horn.

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James Craig (1)

Final Voyage

The year is 1920 and a newly rigged James Craig prepares to leave her anchorage in Johnson’s Bay.

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James Craig (2)

In Darling Harbour

The barque James Craig returns to her berth in Darling Harbour after a day cruise off Port Jackson.

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Joseph Craig

Coals from Newcastle

The New Zealand barque Joseph Craig (ex Dunblane) drops her tow off Nobbys, Newcastle NSW.

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A fine quartering wind

The 4-masted barque Lawhill moves before a steady fair wind, on her last voyage from Europe in 1940.

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Magdalene Vinnen

Towards Falmouth

1933: the German sailing ship Magdalene Vinnen clears Port Jackson sailing towards Falmouth for her orders.

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In the South-East Trades

The 4-masted barque Moshulu powers through the South-East Trade Winds.

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In Soundings

The 4-masted barquentine Mozart drifts along in a calm, at the mouth of the English Channel.

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Olivebank and Waratah

The Heaving Line

The 4-masted barque Olivebank taking a tow by tug Waratah into Sydney harbour.

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Towards Falmouth

The 4-masted barque Olivebank, deep laden with Australian grain, heaves to at the entrance to Falmouth harbour.

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