Off the West Coast

Deep-laden with saltpetre, the 4-masted barque Padua heads south for Cape Horn.

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The Last Rounding

The 4-masted barque Pamir rounds Cape Horn on 11 July 1949.

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Pamir and Passat

Pt Victoria 1949

The 4-masted barque Pamir commences her last voyage as an engineless ship.

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Like a Bird Asleep

The 4-masted barque Parma becalmed in the Doldrums.

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Trade Wind

The 4-masted barque Passat in the Trade Winds.

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Passat, Lawhill and Viking

Three Tall Ships

1948: Passat, Viking and Lawhill are seen together for the last time.

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Leaving Iquique

The 4-masted barque Peking puts to sea with 60000 bags of sodium nitrate in her belly.

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Eastwards, Ever Eastwards

Penang as she was prior to 1933, returning to Europe by way of Cape Horn.

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Polly Woodside

On the Tasman Run

Polly Woodside transported coal to Chile, returning with nitrates.

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Towards Spencer Gulf

Pommern heads north from the Great Australian Bight into Spencer Gulf.

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Stretching a New Topsail

Preussen, the pride of the Laeisz fleet was, the only 5-masted full-rigged ship ever built.

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Five Days and Fourteen Hours

Priwall achieves the fastest ever east to west rounding of Cape Horn by a commercial sailing ship (1938).

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Off Diamond Head

The 3-masted barque Tusitala off Diamond Head, Hawaii.

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On the Pacific Run

The 5-masted schooner Vigilant was one of the last sailing ships built on the US Pacific coast.

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Down to her Marks

The Finnish 4-masted barque Viking being loading with grain headed for London.

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Coal Loading at the Dyke

Wavertree alongside the coal-loading wharves at the entrance to the Hunter River.

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White Pine (1)

Final Landfall

The barque White Pine makes landfall off the Grey River NZ, at the end of her sailing career

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White Pine (2)

Landfall at Sunset

The barque White Pine makes landfall off the Grey River NZ, at the end of her sailing career

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Flying fish weather

The barque Winterhude moves along easily at 23 degrees South latitude, accompanied by dolphins and porpoises,

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Wulfran Puget

On the Nickel Run

The 4-masted barque Wulfran Puget eases along gently at about 5 knots with a fair wind. In her belly is a cargo of nickel ore loaded in New Caledonia.

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