The Last Rounding

The 4-masted barque Pamir rounds Cape Horn on 11 July 1949.

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Pamir and Passat

Pt Victoria 1949

The 4-masted barque Pamir commences her last voyage as an engineless ship.

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Trade Wind

The 4-masted barque Passat in the Trade Winds.

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Passat, Lawhill and Viking

Three Tall Ships

1948: Passat, Viking and Lawhill are seen together for the last time.

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Towards Spencer Gulf

Pommern heads north from the Great Australian Bight into Spencer Gulf.

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Herzogin Cecilie and Beatrice

Racing For Port Lincoln

Herzogin Cecilie and Beatrice race between Melbourne and Port Lincoln.

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Running the Easting Down

The 4-masted barque Hougomont powering towards Australia and onwards to Cape Horn.

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A fine quartering wind

The 4-masted barque Lawhill moves before a steady fair wind, on her last voyage from Europe in 1940.

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In the South-East Trades

The 4-masted barque Moshulu powers through the South-East Trade Winds.

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In Carrick Roads

The 4-masted barque Olivebank, deep laden with Australian grain, heaves to at the entrance to Falmouth harbour.

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Olivebank and Waratah

The Heaving Line

The 4-masted barque Olivebank taking a tow by tug Waratah into Sydney harbour.

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Down to her Marks

The Finnish 4-masted barque Viking being loading with grain headed for London.

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