The inspiration for this painting came from the poem, ‘Three Tall Ships’, written by Mary Lang; a young lady who, in 1935 made a voyage as a passenger from Spencer Gulf, South Australia to the UK, in the Erikson grain ship – the four-masted barque L’Avenir

This lithographic print was commissioned to commemorate the last voyages made by these three four-masted barques – Lawhill, Passat and Viking from Australia in 1948.  A second print – ‘The Last Rounding’ was produced to acknowledge the last rounding of Cape Horn by the four masted barque Pamir in 1949.

Lithographic Prints

As these two prints complement each other they are being are being offered for sale as a pair, at the special price of AU$99. Each has its own narrative and will be signed by the artist, Robert Carter.

The interior image size of each print is 42 x 61cm

Shipping is free to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany and the USA

AU$99 for the pair of prints

For shipping to other countries, please contact us.

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