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Limited Edition Prints

All of my past paintings are available as numbered and signed Limited Edition Prints. They are produced by the latest digital technology, on high grade artist’s canvas using archival quality inks that are guaranteed for 90 years.

They are also able to be remarqued. This is a traditional technique devised from the beginnings of printmaking which enhances the value of the print and its worth to the owner. With this I paint a seabird or other image somewhere on the print, making it unique and different from the others. On request a more personal image can be added.

These prints look superb and - being printed on canvas - look like an original.
See below for prices and details.

Click on the painting image or title below to have an image pop up in a new window

International Fleet Review,
Sydney 2013
International Fleet Review, Sydney 2013 International Fleet Review
Abraham Rydberg In the Chops of the Channel
Annie Watt Port Victoria in the 'thirties
Archibald Russell All Gone the Tow Rope
Cutty Sark On the Wool Run
Bretagne Adieu Bretagne
Falls Of Clyde Off The Dagger Ramereez
Favell Reunion Anchorage
Forest Dream A Deck Load for Sydney
Garthpool Falmouth for Orders
Grace Harwar At the Ballast Grounds
Harriet MacGregor In Storm Bay
Herzogin Cecilie Racing for Port Lincoln
HMAS Adelaide
Southern Ocean Rescue Southern Ocean Rescue
HMAS Brisbane The Five Mile Sniper
Hougomont Running the Easting Down
James Craig Final Voyage
Joseph Craig Coals from Newcastle
Kaiulani East of Eden
Killoran In the Gulf
L'Avenir The Road to Cape Horn
Lawhill A Fine Quartering Wind
Lisbeth The Duck Pond
Magdalene Vinnen Towards Falmouth
Monkbarns In London's River
Moshulu In the South East Trades
Mozart In Soundings
Olivebank In Carrick Roads
Padua Off the West Coast
Pamir The Last Rounding (Litho)
Pamir Pt. Victoria 1949
Parma Like a Bird Asleep
Passat and Lawhill Pt. Victoria 1948 (Litho)
Passat Trade Wind
Polly Woodside West Coast to Starboard
Polly Woodside On the Tasman Run
Pommern Towards Spencer Gulf
Preussen Stretching a new topsail
Rothesay Bay In the Sound
Slocum's Spray Leaving Sydney 1896
S.S. Manly Heading into Manly c.1922
Tusitala Off Diamond Head
Viking Down to her Marks
Waratah The Heaving Line
Wavertree Loading Coal at Newcastle NSW
Winterhude Flying Fish Weather
Wulfran Puget On the Nickel Run


Size approximately 40 cm x 60 cm (depending on the proportions of the original painting)
Other sizes can be printed by arrangement.
Please contact me for information.


Original paintings: price on application

Standard prints: $150 plus postage.
Remarqued prints: $300  plus postage


You will find ordering information here: How to order.


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